Zkittlez is a full-on cannabis celebrity. There is rarely an occasion when this U.S. strain isn’t brought up when weed is being discussed and the very mention of it instantly improves the quality of the meeting. This plant is all limonene and so delivers the typical relaxing high one expects to find when this popular terpene is so present. She grows like a Sativa but flowers like an Indica, giving way to dense and compact plants with generous crops, not only in terms of weight but in terms of resin count too. Flowering wraps up in less than 70 days. Keep a watchful eye on temperature and humidity levels and the results will be simply amazing.

Zkittlez is an Indica-dominant marijuana strain that resembles a Sativa during growth. In other words, this feminised seed produces a Sativa-looking plant with many long side branches and ample spacing between nodes that grows to look more like an Indica in the last weeks of the flowering stage.The internode spacing is quite a remarkable one and could seem kind of naked at the beginning. However, as the budding phase kicks off, her branches fill with seemingly thin and spiky flowers that are actually incredibly dense, as can be seen after harvesting and drying them. During the last two to three weeks, buds start fattening until they become unbelievable resinous and thick. Yet never like the huge Indica buds produced by European strains. These ones are smaller but far thicker. The vast amount of shiny resin covering her jagged, fleshy, and pointy leaves is also worth a special mention.This, alongside the density of her buds, is the main reason for her being among the most highly acclaimed American genetics of all times. With Zkittlez, expressions such as “Hazey” or “Skunky” are over. The U.S. aromas are now full of subtle nuances.Predominantly Kush and therefore intensely zesty, the taste of this limonene-rich strain is a sophisticated one. Her organoleptic richness and originality are simply beyond anyone’s expectations. Complex, with undernotes of hop, cardamom, and clove, but to name just a few.