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This variety takes it’s name from one of the most impressive USA genetics in recent years, the ‘Thin Mint’ phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies famed for THC levels of around 25% with an intensely relaxing laid-back high. Another notorious USA variety is Green Crack, a powerful and easy growing variety derived from Skunk also with THC levels well above 20%. Combining these two classic USA genetics produced Thin Mint Crack Autoflower. This variety has consistently high THC levels and an uplifting and stimulating high thanks to the clear indica influence of the Thin Mint Cookies. The genetics are around 75% indica dominant, you can harvest around 75 days after germination. But like the rest of the Seed Stocker auto collection, you can leave this variety for an extra week or two at the end and enjoy extra heavy harvests and a seriously strong smoke/vape.
The use of cookie genetics helps ensure this is easy to grow indoors or outdoors. Expect plenty of long blooms, heavy harvests and sticky buds. The high is great for creative pastimes, outdoor enjoyment or enjoying a movie. Smoke too much and you will enjoy a monster appetite, a numb mind and a great nights sleep. This is another variety with excellent yields for producers of cannabis concentrates and extracts. Plants are usually around a metre tall. This variety suits growers wanting an auto containing powerful indica genetics with heavy yields and a warm, satisfying and powerful high.



    • 75 days
    • XXL
    • Extremely High
    • Candy
    • Relaxing