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This super high yielder, known for its vigorous veg growth and tight internodal stacking will produce long, large colas. Blueberry Headband has heavy diesel overtones with sweet berry undertones, with the Pre-98 Bubba providing a peppery bite. This plant has a quicker finish than the other strains within this mix. This strain is highly resistant to mold, mildew and PM. An unmistakable triumph for every serious smoker to enjoy.


    Seed Type AVAILABLE IN-Auto, CBD, Feminized, Regular
    Genetics ’76 Blueberry X Emerald OG X Cali Sour D X Pre ’98 Bubba
    Yield High
    Indica/Sativa 40/60
    Stature Tall and heavy
    Pathogen Resistance Mildew/Mold
    Harvest 9 weeks/early Oct
    Flavor Berry, Diesel, Peppery, Sweet
    Ratio CBD-THC 2:1
    Good for Appetite stimulation, Chronic pain, Depression, Insomnia, Stress