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Auto Purple is a Tasty Sativa with Robust Colours & Amazing Aromas!

You won’t believe how good Auto Purple is in every single way! The lush violet colours are really spectacular, but that’s only a preview of what’s to come.

Auto Purple Seeds taste just like sweet grape juice and fresh berries, and the aroma is tantalizingly different. You’ll quickly notice these cannabis seeds smell just like black licorice!

  • Auto Purple Tastes Just Like Juicy Grapes!
  • 65% Sativa – Incredible Head Highs
  • Up to 200 Grams Depending on the Conditions
  • 70 Days from Seed – So Fast!

A rich Sativa, Auto Purple is a little trippy and highly energizing, but this fully autoflowering cannabis seed has a moderate THC rating that won’t leave you feeling anxious, jittery or nervous. The 9 to 13% THC rating is a perfect choice for once-in-a-while tokers. Everyday collectors should probably pass on this one.

Auto Purple Feminized is truly amazing, but Pyramid Seeds has recently released an entire line of exquisite autoflowering cannabis seeds in collaboration with L Hort Dels Somnis. While you’re here, don’t forget to check out a few more of these beginner-friendly AutoFems like Auto New York City, a pungent strain with 18% THC & 550-gram yields.