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Tropicanna Banana Cannabis Seeds by Barneys Farm Seeds
Tropicanna Banana is a result of crossing Tropicanna (Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie) and Banana Kush with a calming Indica influence. This phenomenal hybrid is sweet, sticky, pumped up and very potent. Its smell and taste will be composed of a tasty cocktail of tropical fresh and fruity flavours. Ultra-fragrant glistening beauty. A Sativa dominant strain with great yields. Growing Indoors, Tropicanna Banana will reach heights of up to 1.1m and produce yields of 700g / m2 (flowering in 65-70 days). Outdoors, yields of up to 2kg per plant are very achievable. High levels of THC ranging 22-25% ensure extraordinary therapeutic value and uplifting invigorating effects that will stay with you throughout the day.
Genetics: Tropicanna x Banana Kush
Indica 40% / Sativa 60%
Cultivation: Indoor/outdoor
Flowering Time: 65 – 70 days
Feminised Outdoor Harvest Month: October
Feminised Outdoor Harvest Month Week: 2nd-3rd week
Height (cm): 110cm
Height: Medium
Medical: Yes
Medical Level: Medium
Resistance to Mold (5=Best): 4
Resistance Against Botrytis (5=Best): 5
Resistance to Powdery Mildew (5=Best): 4
Resistance to Spider Mite (5=Best): 4
Climate: Hot & Temperate
Grow Difficulty (1=Easy, 5=Hard): 2